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EVE’S CHARITY December 2013


"We are the daughters of EVE, in giving we believe, in sharing we thrive"















          Eve Organization has visited areas like Ngangala in 2010, Bongu in 2011 and Nesitu in 2012 as part of the charity project that basically aims at showing solidarity and sharing Christmas gifts with the needy.

In December 2013, EVE Organization took charity to the people in Terekeka County of Central Equatoria state.

          The team started the journey at around 7:00am in the morning, but due to the bad state of the road the team reached the heart of Terekeka town at around 11: 30 am midday, where they were warmly welcomed by the Terekeka county women’s union chairlady who helped Eve organization to locate suitable beneficiaries for this assistance. To the commissioner’s office the team headed and picked a government representative who was to accompany the team. This led the team to one of the villages (Jurlake) out of Terekeka town.

            Jurlake; a very beautiful village of the nomadic tribe of Mundari (also known as the legend of the Nile). It took the team about half an hour or more to reach into the village; the breathtaking beauty of the village made Eve’s team forget the exhaustion from the journey and instead admired the beauty around them. Jurlake is situated close to what is believed to be a lake, which is the source of livelihood to the community. The locals believe that there are gods in the lake that protects the land. The green scenery, the fresh breeze from the lake, the beautiful people and the warm welcome just makes you feel peace around you.

          In Jurlake village we met children, women, youth, elderly, and community leaders who welcomed us warmly and expressed their happiness for our visit. “We are so glad to see that our young girls have grown up to became responsible and powerful women and still remember us” said a community leader from jurlake.

          As any other community that had been through conflict, the community in Jurlake had their own challenges. The roads are terrible especially during the rainy season making it inaccessible. Issues of Health and Education were also raised which have a direct impact on the lives of women and children.

After speeches from the village chief, government representative, women’s union chairlady and EVE’s representative; we distributed our gifts, prayed together and made our way back to Terekeka town.


We took a tour around Terekeka town; had a hearty meal with the women of Terekeka, some women talks here and there and then made our way back to Juba.

After having two flat tires on the way back; we arrived Juba at around 8:00pm at night, and that marked the end of our beautiful escapade into the beautiful Mundari land - the land of the legendary people.


It was a day to remember and a significant one before the breakout of conflict in December 2013. Follow up our events and check out when the next exciting charity day would be.



At EVE Organization for Women Development, charity day is  an annual event scheduled every December during the Christmas season. Eve’s members, staff, volunteers and friends of Eve usually come together, contribute money, gather clothes, shoes, bags and other materials that they don’t use anymore but are still in good shape to be share with those less privileged in our communities. The organization budgets for other materials like sugar, salt, tealeaves and soap to be taken to the chosen community. The materials are normally divided

equally and packed in small bags according to the estimated number of the recipients.

This is a common culture in the Organization since its inception in 2005. It is a way of giving back to our communities in our small ways and putting a smile on the face of our fellow women and children.

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