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EVE’S CHARITY December 2013

We are the daughters of EVE, in giving we believe, in sharing we thrive"

Eve Organization has visited areas like Ngangala in 2010, Bongu in 2011 and Nesitu in 2012 as part of the charity project that basically aims at showing solidarity and sharing Christmas gifts with the needy.In December 2013, EVE Organization took charity to the people in Terekeka County of Central Equatoria state.

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Meet Achiro Assumpta Itwari – Alumni of the Incubator - YWLP

“Be a busy, vibrant, independent and goal-oriented type of a woman who do not wait around for someone to validate her existence”. Achiro Itwari

Miss. Itwari is a young passionate leader who is striving to make the world a better place to live in by starting the change with herself first. A 2016 graduate from St. Lawrence University Uganda, Miss Itwari is a hardworking, creative, God fearing and a goal-oriented young woman. She strives for excellence in everything she does. Her vision is to be an exemplary leader who will actively participate and empower other youth in her community for development.

How did the Incubator - Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) strengthen your skills and motivate you?

The incubator program was one of a kind. I will forever cherish it because first of all, it is the first training I have ever attended. I was abit shy and nervous at the beginning of the training because I didn't know how to speak in public.  The Incubator has perfected my public speaking skills and I came out more confident. I can now address a congregation without fear. Now more than ever I am willing and motivated to pursue my dreams without fear of the future. I am confident that nothing can stop me. Through the program, I have gained innovation, determination and the ability to apply knowledge and learning proactively. This was evident during my change project  - “Young Women Engaging the Community – Teenage Pregnancy”, a research I have conducted in Juba Teaching hospital documenting teenage pregnancies.

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Message from Ms. Rita M. Lopidia

Message from Ms. Rita M. Lopidia; the Executive Director and Co-founder of EVE Organization to Young Women Leaders Program – The Incubator

Ladies and Gentlemen,
On behalf of EVE Organization, I would like to welcome you to this special training, the launch of the first young women leadership incubator in South Sudan. I would like to recognize the presence of Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba, the Secretary General of SPLM, Our partner the Royal Norwegian Embassy in South Sudan, Bishop Isaiah Dau, our partners Isis Wicce and the National Transformational Leadership Institute at the University of Juba for making this event a reality today.

Ladies and gentlemen,
This Incubator – the Young Women Leadership Program is a dream project of EVE Organization and it is very close to my heart because I believe very much in young women. We have worked very hard to make this program a reality and we are super happy that finally today; our dream is unfolding.

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Hope for a nation

The region of South Sudan has been at war at various points  since 1955 with the first war between the north and south from 1955 to 1972 and the second war from 1983 to 2005 when a Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed. On 9 th July 2011, South Sudan gained independence. On December 15 th , 2013, South Sudan descended into civil war that is still on going. Decades of war have wreaked havoc among the civilian population with mass displacement, slavery, mass killings, rape, torture and loss of property. Very few countries have experienced the trauma of war that South Sudan has witnessed and endured. Women and girls are said to have particularly experienced heart drenching rape and gang rape during these periods of war.

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  Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference (SCBC) Compound – PALICA,
Opposite Sacred Heart Sisters Kindergarten

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Organization for Women Development

EVE Organization was founded with the aim of empowering women and addressing challenges that hinder women’s progress in South Sudan. Empowering women involves advocating for policy changes that will adequately address women’s concerns, ensure women’s peace and security and socio-economic stability, and also support their participation and inclusion in decision making and peace processes.
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