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A job at the expense of your dignity?

A job at the expense of your dignity? - Be a winning lady by being assertive

Incubator Participants wait for allocation of rooms for training program - 1st July 2018

By Yobu Annet – July 2018

I am a graduate of the College of Economics at the University of Juba. I graduated in 2013 but constrained to stay at home. I always admire the working class women. I feel I should help my mother with some of the responsibilities of taking care of my siblings who are still in school. My mother is the sole breadwinner of the family following the death of my father.
Though qualified, three times I got disqualified at the final phase of interviews. The boss wanted more than my Curriculum Vitae. “Could I have accepted to sleep with that boss in exchange for a job at the expense of my dignity?

Could I still deliver professionally after laying down my academic honor? These are some the questions Lillian, a participant at the Incubator program asked in a group discussion Like Lillian, many young ladies face such harassments while seeking for jobs. Lillian appeals to legislators to come up with policies that govern sexual harassment at work place.  She says when there are laws in place; the harassers will be careful and will reduce the prevalence of such practices in many workplaces. She called upon the Women Parliamentary Caucus at the Transitional National Legislative Assembly to table a bill over the manipulation of women in search for jobs.

According to her, such issues should be dealt with to give confidence for young women to seek jobs and eventually become leaders. Some of these people may not even be the overall bosses, but they abuse their positions and the authority given them. She urged all ladies to be assertive and tell such men that you have the ability to improve their organizations. “You either give me a job or else I go for other decent job options”, Lilian stressed. “You have to be assertive”.
I decided to stay at home to avoid embarrassment because I think they will often do the same to me. The trauma healing training given to us during the incubator has opened my mind on what to do.  I now think I have the courage to go out again and search for other opportunities.

Ayen, another Incubator participant encouraged Lilian to keep applying because the driving motive that she had towards acquiring a degree can always push her to a better job elsewhere. “I will never surrender my body for the sake of a job, I rather go to my brothers and ask for some money to keep me going until I get a job”, said Ayen. “These same people will belittle and bully you by telling others how you acquired a job”.Jennifer added “if you give yourself in that way you might get a job and a disease. You will be traumatized, crying all the time even in church, in public and in the office”. That salary will not give back your health.
(Names in this article have been changed – not real names)


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