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The South Sudan referendum (December 2010)

A year of hope, a new dawn, Self determination and crucial decision making; 2011AD a historic year when the war-ravaged region of southern Sudan has to choose either to remain part of the Sudan or to secede and become a country of its own. The South Sudan referendum was a key component of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) between the Sudan’s government and the Sudan’s People Liberation Movement/Army. As a crucial event in the lives of all Southern Sudanese, everybody was up to the task of mobilizing and raising awareness on the importance of the referendum.

Therefore all Southern Sudanese who have reached voting age needed to participate fully without any exceptions. Women gave a break to the stool next to that pan in the kitchen and decide the fate of Southern Sudanese people; given the countless challenges they have faced during the decades of war.

EVE’S CHARITY December 2013

We are the daughters of EVE, in giving we believe, in sharing we thrive"

 Eve Organization has visited areas like Ngangala in 2010, Bongu in 2011 and Nesitu in 2012 as part of the charity project that basically aims at showing solidarity and sharing Christmas gifts with the needy.In December 2013, EVE Organization took charity to the people in Terekeka County of Central Equatoria state.

The team started the journey at around 7:00am in the morning, but due to the bad state of the road the team reached the heart of Terekeka town at around 11: 30 am midday, where they were warmly welcomed by the Terekeka county women’s union chairlady who helped Eve organization to locate suitable beneficiaries for this assistance. To the commissioner’s office the team headed and picked a government representative who was to accompany the team. This led the team to one of the villages (Jurlake) out of Terekeka town.

This is not our war, we were told

“We did not bring you here; we did not cause war in your country, don't disturb us” we were told... Laments Nyoka, one of the refugees in Kiryandongo camp – Uganda- April 2017

The pleasant and cool morning of Kampala quickly turned into a hot and windy day as we drove towards Kiryandongo – MagaMaga Refugee Camp in Bweyale – Uganda. After a short ladies chitchat with the team, we began updating each other on the latest news from home (South Sudan) and as it had been since July 2016, no good news comes from South Sudan apart from the news of attacks, killings, rapes and exodus of the people from their villages. “My heart always drops, whenever I see an incoming call from South Sudan,” said one of my colleagues. It's the obvious sad news; we have all had the same experience. Suddenly we were all quiet, lost in our thoughts as we try to visualize what lies ahead of us.

WACSI Empowers EVE Organization staff to rekindle the passion

July 28th to August 6th 2015; EVE Organization for Women Development sent four (4) of its program staff to participate in a twin training on Result-Based Communication Skills and Result Based Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for Non-profits. The training was organized by the  West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) in its training center in Accra, Ghana.The trainings brought together fourteen (14) participants from nine (9) Civil Society Organizations around African countries of Ghana, South Sudan, DRC, Cameroon, Benin and Nigeria.
The contents of both trainings were well tailored to suit the gaps in communication and in Monitoring and Evaluation for Non-profit Organizations. EVE Organization supported its staff to participate in these trainings to grasp communication and M&E techniques to effectively communicate and engage its stakeholders. This will also add value to the advocacy and capacity building work it does in South Sudan through M&E.


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Organization for Women Development

EVE Organization was founded with the aim of empowering women and addressing challenges that hinder women’s progress in South Sudan. Empowering women involves advocating for policy changes that will adequately address women’s concerns, ensure women’s peace and security and socio-economic stability, and also support their participation and inclusion in decision making and peace processes.
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