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Lydia Minagano is my name; I pursued a Bachelor Degree in “NGO Management with Social Work”. In my third year at the university I did an internship with EVE Organization for women development. As a student the theories from the lecture room weren’t enough to prepare me professionally, i was looking forward to have all the necessary practical skills in my area of profession upon my completion from the university.

At EVE, i got a chance to acquire more knowledge and skills in my field of study and made a practical connection between the theoretical part of my study and the real practical situation on ground. To me it was a journey of learning, exposure and a point of transition from being a student to being a professional in the different areas of the NGOs settings; with all the exposure around EVE’s activities at some point I felt empowered and I believed I am a women activist and advocate.

I was able to develop myself faster because I got so many training opportunities on different subject matter related to my field; workshops with activeCSOs and the exposure made me build a good social network with individuals from different professions and areas of expertize both within the country and internationally, which served as an advantage to me in terms of sharing information, opportunities, experiences and better practices with others as i develop my career.

As a young South Sudanese growing up I had a dream; a dream that could raise its voice high and speak for the dying mother and her child, the teenage mother, that innocent baby on the street who cannot go to school because her parents have been killed in the war, for that young girl who doesn’t believe in herself and thinks she can do nothing just because she is labeled as “just a woman” by our patriarchal society.

At some point I felt like this dream is so huge and can’t be achieved, but looking at EVE’s successes and achievements and ability to stand up after every tempest, just revived my dying ray of hope, it made me believe that every dream can come true because EVE Organization started as a dream but now it’s a reality.

EVE has not just helped me in building my career but they have inspired me to become better; encourage me to never stop climbing the success ladder; today am stronger and wiser; more determined and working hard achieve my vision and whenever I feel like losing my hope I just tell myself EVE did it so can I.

I am currently working for an International Organization as a Gender Officer and thanks to EVE Organization for building me up.


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Organization for Women Development

EVE Organization was founded with the aim of empowering women and addressing challenges that hinder women’s progress in South Sudan. Empowering women involves advocating for policy changes that will adequately address women’s concerns, ensure women’s peace and security and socio-economic stability, and also support their participation and inclusion in decision making and peace processes.
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