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Our Mission


          Mission of the Organization: EVE seeks to empower and develop women and girls in South Sudan to effect positive changes and values in the communities and help transform women into agents of peace. It further seeks to engage more women participation in decision making at all levels.

Women Leadership and Political Participation

Women’s Leadership and Political Participation is a crucial feature of democratic dialogue and nation building in South Sudan. This is a core program within EVE Organization to strengthen and increase women’s leadership and political participation at both National and State Level. United Nations Security Council Resolution UNSCR 1325 and the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women CEDAW comes in handy in this program as a strong advocacy tool to address women’s participation challenges in South Sudan. EVE Organization works in Partnership with the National Ministry of Gender and Social Welfare, Women Parliamentarian Caucuses both at National and State Levels, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Faith based Organizations (FBOs) and women groups to promote Gender equality. We engage young women, non-political women leaders and women politicians to address the challenges facing women leadership and political participation in South Sudan. Our activities include workshops, trainings, media discussions, Civic Education, focus groups discussions, panel discussions, exposure visits and debates. For an increased and more effective participation of women in peace processes and decision-making, conflict prevention, management and resolution and enhanced respect of their human rights in conflict and post conflict situations in South Sudan; women leadership and political participation needs to be appropriately addressed.

          EVE Organization; a pioneer of UNSCR 1325 in both Sudan and South Sudan is extensively using the UNSCR 1325 and the related resolutions to influence policies in South Sudan. An example is seen in the determination of EVE Organization - a lead Organization in the Development of the South Sudan UNSCR 1325 National Action Plan (NAP) and advocacy for the ratification of CEDAW.


Peace building, conflict mitigation and Reconciliation (South Sudan peace process)

          A central program in EVE Organization to ensure women participate in peace processes; are protected during conflict and contribute to conflict prevention in South Sudan. One of the very first programs of EVE Organization since the signing of the Comprehensive peace Agreement between Sudan Government and the Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement/Army SPLM/A in 2005. This included workshops on the peace building and the dissemination of the peace agreement to the displaced South Sudanese in Wad Al-Bashir IDP camps and Ras Al-shaitan IDP camps in Omdurman – Sudan.

          With the outbreak of the December 2013 conflict in South Sudan, EVE Organization took a lead role in mobilizing women to call for peace and coordinated the South Sudan Women’s Platform for Peace (SSWPP), which is one of the largest women peace network in South Sudan at the women. In an effort to ensure women participation in the South Sudan peace process; EVE Organization sent a delegation from the SSWPP with a petition to the Intergovernmental Authority on Development calling for the inclusion of women in the IGAD led South Sudan Peace Process. Using the UNSCR 1325 a number of National, Regional and Global advocacy was done by EVE Organization and the South Sudan Women Platform for Peace to ensure women’s participation and voices reach the negotiation table in Addis Ababa.

           EVE Organization; a Civil Society delegate to the Peace Process represents the women voices at the negotiation table. The platform further called for the appointment of a Senior Gender Advisor to the Peace Process; a call we hope could materialize. At the grassroots level, EVE conducted a number of consultations with different women groups, conferences, workshops and visits to displaced at the protection of civilian POCs in Juba, Rubkona – Unity state and Malakal – Upper Nile state.


Sexual and gender based violence (SGBV).

           Addressing Sexual and Gender Based Violence is a huge challenge in South Sudan. Sexual and Gender Based violence include rape, defilement, molestation and other forms of sexual abuse. Although anyone can be a victim of sexual violence, women and girls and particularly impoverished women and girls are more vulnerable. South Sudan is not an exception; tackling SGBV in South Sudan is hindered by many factors which include but not limited to poor infrastructure, poor implementation of laws and policies due to weak judicial institutions, rampant impunity, lack of knowledge of rights and procedures by the victims, poor handling of cases from the outset, stigmatization and continued lack of resources to address SGBV. With the onset of the December 2013 conflict, SGBV especially rape was used to humiliate and afflict pain on the communities. Our response to this is through provision of trainings, awareness raising, counseling to help survivors open up, documentations of cases and advocacy at different levels for laws enforcement and reforms using the UNSCR 1325 and the related resolutions, CEDAW and the relevant national laws. EVE Organization has also launched the Barometer for women peace and Security to collect information and expose some of these challenges to the policy makers in South Sudan.


Youth leadership programs

          EVE Organization has launched the program Girl Ambassador for peace, a joint initiative of the Global Network of Women Peace Builders GNWP members in South Sudan.


Education (girl child Education)

          Girls Education is a challenge in South Sudan. According to statistics; the literacy rate in South Sudan is below 27%, although this is substantially higher for men than for women: 40% of men over 15 years and only 16% of women over 15 years. Girls Education in South Sudan is mainly hindered by a number of challenges including poverty; the long decades of war, family preference of boys to go to school and girls stay home to do house chores and babysit and early and forced marriages among other factors. EVE Organization encourages girls Education by providing mentorship to schoolgirls as well as sponsors a number of girls drop out to go back to school. The Organization also advocates at different levels for families, friends and well-wishers to support the program.


Reproductive health, HIV/Aids programs

          South Sudan is considered to have the highest rate of maternal mortality in the world (2,054 per 10,000 and an extremely high rate of infant mortality rate (75 children per 1000 dying before their first birthday. Working with women, their families and communities to educate them about early childbearing, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS and other factors that affect reproductive health, including cultural and social issues is an initiative of EVE Organization. The program is currently put to hold due to lack of funding. We are looking for partners for this important aspect of our program.


Livelihood programs (Agriculture)

          “We need to build resilience, pro-active and sustain our source of income through economic empowerment of women and of course resourceful to gain back our stability,” Rita M. Lopidia, Co Founder and Executive Director of EVE Organization. Our livelihood program aims to build the capacity of women on how they can improve their socio-economic status and sustain their livelihoods. We go into local markets to understand the challenges and opportunities of supporting local women businesses and help them develop innovative, market-based livelihood programs, which strengthen their skills to allow them to make a decent living. We closely work with Women farmers in different communities. We advocate for those designing economic programs both government and international organizations to involve women, children and adolescents at all stages.


Research and monitoring

         We study our work to make sure its effective and relevant and we keep making it better. From 2012, EVE Organization with a number of other CSOs working on UNSCR 1325 began the monitoring of the UNSCR 1325 in South Sudan. This is done on an annual basis and reports shared together with other participating countries during the anniversary of the resolution in October each year in New York. EVE has also done other baseline studies on UNSCR and Women in Politics in South Sudan. As we grow, we continue to dig deeper; explore and learn issues affecting women in South Sudan to help us better understand and use the right approaches for addressing them.


Charity –Join the giving project

          We don't just implement project, but we also put a smile on women’s and children’s faces.

Your art, your hobbies, even simply your smile can provide comfort to those who are in need. Poverty is the struggle; often the inability to earn enough money for basic needs, like food and clothing. It affects families and individuals in the country and in our own neighborhoods. Just look around and you will realize that there are a lot of needy people around you. Your small actions here can make a huge impact on another child or family’s well being. On an annual basis we do acts of charity by visiting less privileged families and communities to share what we have, used clothes, shoes, sugar, soaps, tea among others that we share. You can contribute by giving away what you don't need, like clothes, bed sheets, shoes, gifts paper bags, dishes and money to support others. Your family kindness practice can go a long way. Teach your children about generosity and how they can give back to the needy too. We are open to activity ideas to improve our giving project. This project will connect you with creative ways to fight poverty wherever you find it in our small ways of making big impacts.

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