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This is not our war, we were told

“We did not bring you here; we did not cause war in your country, don't disturb us” we were told... Laments Nyoka, one of the...

Hope for a nation

The region of South Sudan has been at war at various points since 1955 with the first war between the north and south from 1...

Empowering women in Lirya

EVE Organization advances its support to women empowerment in Lirya County through integrating income-generating activities t...

Is the Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan still relevant?

Nairobi; 3-4 October 2016: In a continuous attempt for the search for peace and stability; EVE Organization for Women Develop...

South Sudan Launches its first UNSCR 1325 National Action for Women, Peace and Security

South Sudan launches its first UNSCR 1325 National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security.“Right before the independence o...

WACSI Empowers EVE Organization staff to rekindle the passion

July 28th to August 6th 2015; EVE Organization for Women Development sent four (4) of its program staff to participate in a t...

Girl Ambassadors for Peace Program – South Sudan May 2015

“I’ve never discerned that early and forced marriages was this serious in my country until I met these young girls from Ea...

South Sudan Women Experts Conference

A conference, organized by EVE Organization for Women Development, to develop National Strategic Priorities for women issues ...

South Sudan Localizes the UNSCR 1325 - May 2015

EVE Organization for Women Development in collaboration with the Global Network of Women Peace-builders – GNWP launched the l...

South Sudan National Women’s Day of Prayers

On the 31 May 2014; with tears in their eyes, broken hearts, and hope of restoring peace, women of South Sudan ahead of the...

Visit to the Rubkona Protection of Civilians Sites; Unity state (April 14)

"We cannot survive on the food rations given to us by the UN World Food Program, it is not enough; so some of us have to...

New Paradigm - Civil Society Pioneer the Implementation of UNSCR 1325 in South Sudan. (June 2012 Juba South Sudan)

EVE Organization in partnership with Operation 1325 Sweden and the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders GNWP organized a C...

The impact of the December 2013 conflict on women and the participation of women in the South Sudan.

After the historic split of the Africa’s largest country, South Sudan became the youngest country in the world, but since t...

Bridging the gap between CSOs and Women Parliamentarians (November 2011)

Eve Organization in partnership with Operation 1325 –Sweden organized a two-days meeting from 4 -5 November 2011 to bridge ...

EVE’S CHARITY December 2013

We are the daughters of EVE, in giving we believe, in sharing we thrive" Eve Organization has visited areas like Nga...

The South Sudan referendum (December 2010)

A year of hope, a new dawn, Self determination and crucial decision making; 2011AD a historic year when the war-ravaged regio...

Message from Ms. Rita M. Lopidia

Message from Ms. Rita M. Lopidia; the Executive Director and Co-founder of EVE Organization to Young Women Leaders Program – ...

A job at the expense of your dignity?

A job at the expense of your dignity? - Be a winning lady by being assertive Incubator Participants wait for allocation of r...

Meet Achiro Assumpta Itwari – Alumni of the Incubator - YWLP

“Be a busy, vibrant, independent and goal-oriented type of a woman who do not wait around for someone to validate her existen...


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Organization for Women Development

EVE Organization was founded with the aim of empowering women and addressing challenges that hinder women’s progress in South Sudan. Empowering women involves advocating for policy changes that will adequately address women’s concerns, ensure women’s peace and security and socio-economic stability, and also support their participation and inclusion in decision making and peace processes.
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